Luxury Moving

Antique and luxury cars are pricey possessions that require maximum protection from potential harm during transit. Assured Auto Movers deliver your classic car to an auto show or home at friendly fees. We have enclosed trailers that safeguard your vehicle from excess sunlight and harmful elements. We have more than 25 years experience in the auto shipping business and have a professional staff that delivers your luxury car safely and before your deadline. s

We provide the following services in our luxury moving business.

  • Doorstep delivery subject to the consent of your local community.
  • Open and enclosed shipping options.
  • Real-time correspondence with a personal coordinator.
  • Professional loading and unloading of your luxury car.

The following are the benefits you stand to gain from contracting us to transport your antique vehicle.


We have open, flatbed trucks and enclosed trailers that keep your car safe during transit. Our services are fully insured and bonded that safeguards you from any potential financial losses due to damage during transit. Although the open trailers are sufficiently safe, we recommend the enclosed containers for your luxury car.


Fast Delivery

We are a customer-focused business and thus strive to ensure that we deliver your vehicle before the deadline. We have modern trucks that protect your car and deliver it to any location fast. Our employees are highly skilled and collaborative that tips for minimizes downtime.

Competitive Fees

We have been in the auto shipping business for more than two decades that has allowed us to increase operational efficiency, save costs and offer competitive prices. We assign you a personal coordinator to help you select a suitable package. We also have a money back guarantee as our commitment to providing quality auto shipping services.

Assured Auto Movers is committed to delivering professional, safe, and fast luxury moving services. Contact us today to get a free quotation.